Interview Update, Funny Story, & Brown Family Addition

Interview Update:  The meeting today went well.  I spent two hours with the other third grade teacher going over the potential curriculum, behavior management stuff, and classroom routines. She made frequent references to "when we" and "you'll see next year" types of things.  Despite these clues, I don't know for sure.  The principal said hello, explained that I would be meeting with only the teacher, and said she would "call me in a day or two."  I'm hoping it's simply to work out the details.  We'll see.  I'd appreciate it if you'd keep on praying.  

Funny Story:  After church tonight, several of us went to McDonald's for McFlurries.  After stealing as many of my brother's fries as he would tolerate, the girls present (myself included) decided that we wanted some fries.  So... David got a "meal," and allowed us to eat his fries. What a guy!  Anyways, the fries didn't last long (to say the least), and we were laughing about how we wanted more.  So, I had the brilliant idea that someone should go to the counter to ask for a "refill" (I didn't want to do it, mind you).  We tried to get Brianna to do it, but she said, can't we just buy more?  Shayna was up for the prank, though, so she walked up to the counter and asked "Can I get a refill please?"  She didn't seem like she was asking a question, just acting as if she wanted more Dr. Pepper.  The girl at the counter looked befuddled, and turned to a coworker and asked, "Do we give refills on fries?"  Meanwhile, our whole table erupted into uncontrollable laughter.  Then she looked at us and said, "y'all are so mean!"  

Addition to the Brown Family:  David and I purchased two gold fish at Walmart tonight. The poor things haven't been given names yet, but I will update you when we do.  I'm thinking about using a "people" name for mine and David is looking for a synonym for "forgetful."  


Jennifer said...

I'm glad all the interviews seem to be in your favor. It sounds like a great place to work!

What a story! LOL! If only restaurants did give refils on fries!

The Herd said...

Hope you have more news soon.
Funny Funny about the fries refill--you never know to you make someone try!!!
If your goldfish die(they often are short - lived for some reason)...go for beta fish--our lived for about 2 1/2 years! Can you tell our goldfish died after a week!!?? Hopefully, yours will live much longer! They are such pretty fish!

Oh, the reception for the wedding is not there...it's at Renaissance Center at Curry Ford Com. Park--where ever that is?

The Herd said...

I have just heard that goldfish don't have that long of life...I think also they live better in a full aquarium...we just had ours in a bowl...just a thought.

Dawn said...

That McDonald's story is too funny! lol!

Arlene said...

Oh, goodness -- that is a crazy story! I want to tell my husband because it's so funny... but at the same time, I'm afraid he and another of our friends will want to try it themselves, LOL!

Mommy said...

How about The Absent Minded Professor for David's Fish? ;-)