Busy Little Bees

Have you heard that song, "I'm busy, busy dreadfully busy..."  Well, that's been us for the past week and a half.  Life has been wonderful and fun, but unbelievably busy!  I told David last night, it's a good thing I'm finished with school!  I wouldn't have been able to keep up with my classes, as well as all the other things going on right now.  

The next week and a half isn't looking much "better" in terms of business.  Things are going to be just as chaotic and wonderful as they have been this one.  So...  for those of you who don't know what to do without my posts (all 0 of you), you're going to have to hold out a little bit longer.  I'll probably have funny stories and lots of pictures in the near future.  

Oh, but an update on the fish:  Dalton and Charlie live on!  I did tell you that Sophie died, right?
Here's my theory:  Charlie poisons them.  Why is he still alive?  I did exactly the same thing for Sophie and Josie as I have for Charlie.  Oh well... we'll see what happens.  

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