Our Adventure in Okeechobee

As has been the case lately, I don't have very long...  it's late, and I'm tired!  However, I'm also very happy!  I am so excited about getting the job!  The principal sent me an e-mail this afternoon.  I certainly didn't expect to hear from her via e-mail, but I don't care!  That's just fine with me!  I'm going to pick up some paperwork tomorrow, and I'll be meeting with her on Monday to sign a contract.  

As for this weekend, it was wonderful (in most ways).  It was a great time of fellowship and working for the Lord.  The trip didn't go exactly as we had planned, but I believe it was good for the youth to experience plans gone awry.  We're used to very organized schedules, and the Seminole Indian Reservation most definitely isn't.  

There was a snake, lots of bugs, rodent droppings, and other lovely "surprises," but nothing that a little Easy-off Bam didn't take care of.  There were times of sharing our testimonies with one another, giving the gospel to a group of unsaved kids, and playing slip-n-slide kickball with happy children. There was sleeping on very narrow pews (thankfully, the boys were in the fellowship hall sleeping on concrete and picnic tables), showering in spider-infested showers, and talking until way too late.  There were Bible verse songs by Dean Runyan and People Need the Lord stuck in our heads.  There were Nutrigrain bars and breakfast pastries, orange juice and apple juice (and 3 waters).  There was, in a few words, a lot of good times and fun memories.  

I have some pictures that I will be sharing, but I haven't put those on my computer yet.  


Hannah said...

Glad to hear you had some fun! Can't wait to see some pictures.
I was just wondering what school will you will be teaching in? I know you will be great for the kids!

~Tori~ said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! :-D Isn't it great how God can still work when things don't seem to go our way or when things seems horrible?!

Jenna said...

Missions trips are so wonderful and such good times!
I wish you coulda come to Beale Street...check out my blog!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the pictures!!! :)
btw, I'm passing on the "You Make My Day" award!!!
Blessings always, my dear!