Hectic Day

Today has been a hectic day.  I had to run errands this morning (one was to pick up the forms for my job!).  Then, I went home to get a few things done.  After that, I ended up cleaning my grandparents' downstairs.  That took me from 12:45 until 4:30...  their housekeeper isn't going to be able to clean for them anymore, so I'm their summer fill-in.  I figure it will be nice to have some extra money to buy supplies for my classroom.  

I made a vase of sunflower pens today.  You can visit this website for step-by-step instructions (scissors will work instead of wire cutters).  It turned out so well, I don't want to use it for my classroom...  I made one for our house a while back, so maybe I'll just switch them out. However, I did use nicer pens in the one for school.  I figure I will be using them very often, so I purchased my favorites (RSVP fine point).  I'll have to post a picture later.  I purchased a glass bowl with a fluted edge and some craft stones to house the flower pens.   

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