Youth Rally

This Saturday, our church is having its first youth rally.  There are about 60 guests scheduled to attend (from other churches).  A dear friend of ours is preaching (Bro. Jeb Smith), and it should be wonderful.  Obviously, the messages and activities are going to be geared towards teenagers, but it is open to everyone in the church.  Please be in prayer for this meeting.  David and I (as well as our pastor and others) are praying that the Lord will work in the hearts and lives of the young people at our church.  

I can still remember the day I heard a message that changed my life.  I was 12 or 13 years old, and Bro. James was out of town.  A missionary preached for him, and while he was speaking, I realized that I wanted to do more than just "be saved."  I wanted to live my life for my Saviour! That night, I surrendered to do whatever the Lord would have me to do with my life whether it be missions or serving him in a local church.  I'm so thankful for that message and for the impact it had on my life.  It would be awesome to see a young person be impacted in that type of way. David can also remember the time in his life where he surrendered to do the Lord's will.  Thankfully, we both made those decisions before we met. 


Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! I hope everything goes well and I will be praying that someone does get moved to serve God more!

The Herd said...

praying for your unspoken:)