Key Lime Pie & Life Updates

Tonight, David helped me make a key lime pie.  Before we got married, we made chocolate chip cookies together...  David measured the salt.  Rather than using the teaspoon, he used the tablespoon.  Needless to say, they were a little bit on the unedible side.  The only person we could find to eat some was Mr. Brown.  Tonight's experience went much more smoothly.  He even helped me make the graham cracker crust.  

Cooking has been very easy lately... Kimberly is such a wonderful help!  She enjoys helping. While I prepare the meat, she'll peel the potatoes, etc.  I'm definitely going to take longer to prepare dinner once Kimberly goes home.  (I think I forgot to mention that she has extended her stay... she's going to be here until the middle of July when David and I go on a trip with the church).  

On another note:  Please pray for the young people at our church who are going to Honduras. They're leaving on Friday, and I know they're getting extremely eager to be on their way.  Pray that the Lord will prepare the hearts of the people to whom they will be presenting the gospel. Also, please pray that the Lord will work in the hearts of the young people.  It would be wonderful if they came back with a burden for missions that will last a lifetime.  If not a burden for missions, at least a burden for souls.  

On another note:  David, Kimberly, and I made several visits today.  One of our visits was to a 78 year old woman who lives in a nursing home in downtown Orlando.  She has breast cancer and a collection of other problems, but she is so upbeat and happy because of her Savior.  She repeatedly mentioned how she'd been a "born again Christian" for 16 years.  She said she's thankful that she was saved then, but she wishes she had trusted Christ earlier.  She has us in stitches several times, but was an undeniable blessing to all of our hearts!  

Finally:  Forgive me if I've already mentioned this, but the Bible Baptist Church as a group received quite a blessing a couple weeks ago.  Sometime last year or the year before, our church van and a sign that says "Jesus Saves" were vandalized (the sign was made to say "Jesus Enslaves").  We never found the "vandalizer," but a couple weeks back, a young man stopped by the church house.  He admitted to doing the vandalism, and said he wanted to apologize for doing such a stupid thing.  That morning, he trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior!  David has stopped by to visit with him twice since that day, and both visits have been very fruitful!  He's apprehensive about coming to church, probably because he messed up the church's property. David is doing his best to explain that people in church prayed that the vandal (there's the correct word) would be saved! and they aren't going to care anymore.  They are elated that he is born again!  

So, that's what's been going on in our lives!  


Tori said...

Girl you are ever changing this place, your blog looks lovely.

Honduras, hopefully it's not raining down there. My friend is in Guatemala and they had two hurricanes.

I heard about BBC and the guilty vandal, praise God!

Jenna said...

Wow...that's amazing that that guy got saved! God still does miracles!!

Arlene said...

Love the new blog look; it looks great! So, where did you get your header? :D

Mmmmm, I love key lime pie! I've never made it before, though; you'll have to post the recipe sometime. :P

How wonderful that the vandalist was saved! Isn't it neat how God can take anyone from any walk of life and turn things around?! :~)

Mommy said...

That's Wonderful!!