Happy, Happy Birthday!

Last night, my family went out to celebrate my little (ha) brother's eighteenth birthday. Welcoming Christopher to the realm of adulthood is a little bit odd... to me he should still be about 14. It's funny how we expect everyone else to remain the same age, even though we're getting older. I'm very proud of my brother; he's very smart, extremely funny (sometimes), and loves the Lord. I certainly hope that he spends the rest of his life serving our wonderful Savior! He's starting college in August, and hopes to become a doctor. I know his plans may change, but I'm happy that he has high ambitions. I think having plans for our lives is important, though it is also important to be willing to alter those goals if God guides and directs in another way.
Happy Birthday, Christopher...  We love you!

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Tori said...

Aww, that's nice. My "little" brother is now 33, boy how much older does that make me?

Glad you had a good time.