Photo Ramblings

The view of the Orlando skyline from the roof.  
A not-so-great picture of a firework.  
This is a "before" picture of my classroom...  I have since, with the help of Kimberly, fixed up the bulletin boards, covering them with colorful background papers and cute borders.  I will post more recent pictures soon.  It has been great setting up the classroom.  It definitely looks much better now.  
This picture was taken right before leaving to pass out tracts in Orlando.  We wear these shirts (church name on the front, Jesus Saves on the back) to many events.  With denim, we looked very patriotic.  
As I mentioned previously, we watched the Orlando fireworks show from the roof of a building right downtown.  This is us with an ADORABLE boy from church.  You really can't tell how high we are, but it was awesome!  

This is the adorable sister of that cute little boy!

Sorry the pictures are out of order!  I always forget that blogger puts the pictures you upload last at the top of the post...  

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The Herd said...

Love the pictures---especially your classroom!!!