Quick Update 2

Just another quick update...  I'm having fun in AL, but really miss David (who is having a good time with the teenage guys from church).  I've been able to spend a lot of time with my nephew, Matthew, who is adorable!  He only has 50% of his hearing, so he doesn't talk too much; but it's unbelievably cute to watch him communicate without words.  His facial expressions, movements, and sounds let you know what he is trying to say.  Thankfully, with hearing aids and special instructions, he'll be able to talk just fine... he's still learning right now.  Pray for him if you think about it.  

It was also great to see David's and my new nephew, Jacob, and our niece Chloe. Jacob is an adorable baby, and the whole family is happy for the addition.  Chloe has grown so much in the past few months!  We certainly wish we could see our niece and nephews more often.   

VBS is going well.  There were a few more kids today than yesterday overall, but our class only had 7.  We've got 4-5 year old boys... they're a hand full!  

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Tori said...

Glad your having a good time. I'm sure David misses you as much as you miss him. The reunion should be fun!

Have a great weekend!