Wonderful Day & GOING HOME!

Today was a wonderful day in the church house for those of us here in Alabama.  This morning, Brother Ray, a missionary to China, came through, and preached a wonderful message about the how salvation is provided and how we must go and proclaim it.  Then, I stayed with Kimberly for the Spanish church service, and then tonight, Brother Joel Logan preached a great message from Ephesians 4 regarding avoiding evil communications.  Both messages were very good (i.e., convicting).  It's wonderful how the Lord allows us to hear just what we need to hear!

Well, tomorrow, I'm going HOME!  While I've had a great time in AL with David's family, I'm very, very ready to be back home with David.  It was nice to be here while he wasn't at home, but when I know he's at there, it's not so fun.  Please pray for traveling mercies for me tomorrow.


The Herd said...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, eh? I hope that you and David enjoy your time together soon and his mission trip went well. Can't wait to hear about it.

Mommy said...

Hey Lauren, I sent a message to you on facebook. :)