Youth Night '08

Every year since I was 8 (I think), the Bible Baptist Church of DeLand has put on a "youth night." During this special event, the children take control of the entire church service.  The youth lead the singing, preach the messages, put on skits, sing songs, play the piano, etc.  It's a wonderful time for parents and kids to invite lost family members and friends to come hear the gospel. Grandma and Grandpa are much more likely to come here their grandchild than they are to hear Bro. James or one of the other men.  The gospel is VERY clearly presented to many, many people. 

Last night, all went very smoothly!  The nursery class is always a tremendous hit...  they practice and practice, but never seem to get things quite right... if they did, it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.  It sets a great stage for the older classes.  The teenagers presented a skit depicting the vanity of religion... freedom from sin can only come through our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Please pray that those who were lost will ponder what they heard and make a decision to trust Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  

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Jessica said...

I really enjoyed the pictures on the church blog! Great work you are doing for the Lord. Children are such a BLESSING!