Cute Gift & Conversations from Third Grade

Isn't this pumpkin adorable!  One of my students brought me a gift bag today, and this is what was nestled inside.  It's a fake pumpkin painted in a really stylish way.  I wrote the student's name and the year on the bottom so that I'll always be able to remember who gave it to me.  I love decorating for fall!  

And here's another conversation from third grade:  

Setting:  We'd just finished a reading assignment, and students were to complete their handwriting and then have D.E.A.R. ("Drop Everything And Read) until everyone finished.  

Student # 1:  raises his hand until I walk by and talk to him.
Me:  what's up?  
Student #1:  Well, I've noticed that Student #2 isn't really doing his work.  I was wondering if I could stop reading and just keep an eye on him for a while?  Would that be okay?  
Me:  Struggling to keep my composure; I'm cracking up on the inside.  How about you leave that to me and you get back to reading?  
Student #1:  Well, okay, but he's really been doodling over there.  

Obviously, student #1 was paying just as much attention to the task at hand as student #2.  Isn't that hysterical?  This little guy really does say whatever's on his mind!  


Jenna said...

Wow that was funny! One time my 3 year old sister asked my Mom if she wanted her to spank my 9 year old sister!
When my Mom said no, she said, "do you want me to yell at her then Mom?" :)

Arlene said...

What an adorable pumpkin!

P.S. I did get the ring engraved, by the way, and picked it up this afternoon. My hubby was very surprised and excited! :o) Thanks for the input!

Daphine said...

Yes, the pumpkin is adorable!

The conversation with the third grader was hilarious! Wow! I really enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I'll visit again soon.

Mommy said...

Children really have the tendency to be self-righteouss! I have such a problem with Bean about that.

Sweetie does something wrong. Bean says, "Boy I sure am glad that *I* didn't do that!" LOL!

What a cute pumpkin! :)

The Herd said...

Soooo cute of a pumpkin! I 've caught up on your blog...love the pics of you and your dad. How very special.
On the current post...Oct. 29th
How I do remember those report card times!!!