Reasons I Enjoy Weekends

While I honestly do LOVE my job, my student, and teaching in general, weekends are a nice reprieve.  Here are some reasons I enjoy them:
  1. I get to spend more time with David. 
  2. My cell phone gets to ring rather than vibrate.
  3. I'm not asked 300 times a day "when's lunch?"
  4. I get to sleep in!  
  5. My house gets neater.  
  6. I get to do church stuff.  
There are many, many reasons I love the week days but right now, I'm very glad it's Friday!  


Tori said...

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy all your special things!

BTW, love the new hair-do!

Karyn said...

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Mommy said...

I had a great weekend too! :)