Well, life has been very hectic lately.  Last week was the end of the first nine weeks and everyone knows what that means... report cards!  I had never done them before, so I was a little bit nervous about writing comments on each one...  I ended up feeling much more confident about them than I thought I would.  I have a really good class, so thankfully, I only had to write "improvement" memos on a few of them.  We'll see what happens when they go home (Friday). I have a feeling some parents will want a conference because I didn't give out too many conduct honor role awards.  I wasn't going to give out the award to 20 students... that, in my opinion, takes away the honor.  It needs to be the very best students... those select few I never have to get on at all.  If I have to say, "Sit in your seat."  "Get back in line," etc.  I feel like they don't really deserve to get it.  My peers agree.  We'll see what happens.  

Writing report cards and averaging grades made me think back to my college days (a whole year or two ago)....  they never taught us what to say on report cards or what percentage participation should have when averaging grades.  They did a great job of teaching us what to do when one of our students can't read or when one of our students misbehaves.  

Unless you're a teacher, and even then, you probably have found this post very, very boring... and for that, I apologize.  You also may be wondering why I'm home and not at school...  that's because I have to go to a funeral today.  A friend from when I was in elementary school died unexpectedly over the weekend in a car accident.  I can't imagine the pain and suffering her family must be going through right now.  

Please continue to pray for my grandfather.  If you could pray that he gets some sleep and can breathe more easily, my family would really appreciate it!  Also pray for my mom and my aunt as they are very worn out.  

Thanks!  Have a great week!

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Beka said...

I just wanted to leave you a comment...I know I haven't left one in a while!

Glad to hear that your teaching job is going pretty smoothly. I really like it when you include some of y'alls conversations on here! Kids can be so cute and funny!