Photo Ramblings

We just had a Father Daughter Banquet for the girls/dads at church.  My dad was the speaker, so I was able to attend with him.  It was formal, which the girls loved.  This is the picture they took of us when my dad first arrived.  The night really went well!  Everyone had a great evening of food, fellowship, and fun.  Isn't that one of the reasons why we're Baptists?  (obviously, j/k)
David was the MC at the Father Daughter Banquet.  We had to get at least one picture while I was "formal."  

We've also renovated our yard!  It looks SO much better.  Here's a "in progress" picture.  Sorry I don't have any before or after pictures.  In the area where there's no grass, there was a HUGE bush.  We've been wanting to get rid of it for ages, and we're so glad that we did!  We just put sod where the enormous bush had been.  

On another note...

The grandfather that had the stroke in August was in the hospital this week.  He'd been feeling very weak and short of breath recently, so a doctor friend of his suggest that he go to the hospital to see what was wrong.  He was only in the hospital for two nights, but during that time they were able to determine that his heart was consistently in atrial fibrillation. There are apparently various types of AF and he has the type that slows your rhythm down rather than speeding it up.  For this reason, the pacemaker/defibrillator that he has implanted within him did not "shock" his heart back into the sinus rhythm.  They were, though, able to shock it back into rhythm using the device in his body.  Amazing, isn't it?  

Please pray that his heartbeat remains normal.  Also pray for my grandmother.  She's having a difficult time while they're going through this situation.  

Teaching is going well.  Next weekend is a long one, so that will be really nice!  As I've mentioned, I really do enjoy and love my job and my students; but I have to get up much earlier than I would prefer.  An extra day to sleep in is something to which I look forward!  

Hope you have a great week!


Goodwin Family said...

Lauren, I thought that you and David looked very cute in your formal picture. (Even though you wouldn't take me back to Florida with you!!!)..and I could have stayed under that big bush you dug up!!! love..Jana Goodwin

~Tori~ said...

You look so pretty! What a fun event!

Mommy said...

I saw that pictures that Mrs. B posted on Facebook. What amazed me is that all the girls were wearing the same colors! LOL!

Karyn said...

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Anonymous said...

Glad things are going so well for you and your husband! Blessings!