Conversation of another sort...

I know many have told me they enjoy the conversations from third grade... today, I have a conversation from Church Street.  A group from our church goes to Church Street Station in Orlando every Saturday night to pass out tracts and hold signs.  Last night, David and I were there with two others from church (after the march, most people were too worn out to make the trek to Orlando).  Due to the busy day, David and I hadn't had supper, so we walked to a nearby Subway to grad a quick bite.  In an attempt to lose weight for a wedding I'm going to be in this December, I dutifully asked for a package of sliced apples rather than chips (that attempt was negated just a few minutes ago when I ate chocolate chip cookies with David!).

Back at the corner, I had just finished my sub and was about to eat some apples when a homeless man approached David and me.  He wanted "two quarters."  Usually, David and I leave all cash and coins in the vehicle so we can honestly say, "we don't have anything on us but a credit/debit card" and last night was no exception.  After telling him we didn't have any cash, I asked him if he wanted the money for food.  He said, yes.  So, I reached into my Subway bag and offered him the sliced apples (I really didn't want to give them up :).  He looked at the apples with a scowl and said, "I don't need those!  I need meat!"  Sorry, mister... if you'd been ten minutes sooner, I might have offered you my sub!  

All that to say, he apparently wasn't planning on using the money to buy food.  If the homeless man were hungry, apples would have been a nice treat!  

On another more exciting note...

It was reported in church today that a man trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior yesterday during the march!  Several men were able to talk to him, and when the last finished talking, he bowed his knee and asked Jesus to save him from his sins!  Praise the Lord!  Keep praying with us about more who might be thinking about eternity!  

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