Hello and thanks so much to those of you who prayed for me today!  I was observed by my principal during a science lesson...  it went well, and she left a really nice note saying that she enjoyed my "enthusiasm" and that my students are obviously "active learners."  Needless to say, I was very nervous and I am now very, very, very relieved!  My students behaved well (though some called out), and I didn't make any huge blunders.  

My lesson was on photosynthesis, so I created a "recipe" for photosynthesis.  Each student received a recipe card, and they wrote a recipe for photosynthesis on it.  It'll be really nice when it comes time to study for the test!  Students will already have a flash card!  

My family is downstairs watching the election results come in, so I guess I'm going to go join them...  it's going to be a long night.  All I have to say is NOBAMA!


Lynn J. said...

Congratulations Lauren. Glad all went well, and now you can breathe easier!! You are a fabulous teacher I am sure!!!! Now your Principal can say the same! XOXO, Lynn

Jessica said...

I changed my address to: http://jessicaslemons.blogspot.com/
If you have me on your link list you will have to update it to the new one. So sorry for any trouble this may be. Thanks so much for your understanding!