Best Ever!

So I definitely just ate the best snack in the whole world!  For the a while now, I've been enjoying finding tasty alternatives to my afternoon indulgence of the past (i.e., a frosted donut from Seven Eleven)...  Today, I think I ate the best yet...  a nuked sweet potato and yogurt.  Best thing about it?  It's healthy and FAST!  When I get home from school, I don't want to spend time making a snack and then turn immediately around to make dinner...  All you have to do is pop a scrubbed, poked-with-a-fork, and covered-with-a-damp-paper-towel-sweet potato in the microwave for about 6 minutes (medium).  It comes out very tender and piping hot!  Then, top it with a dollop of Publix brand Honey Almonst Yogurt (the Fat Free Light type) and cinnamon! It's honestly the best-tasting way to eat a sweet potato that I've ever found!  Then, I eat the rest of the yogurt to finish my healthy snack off in a sweet way.  

And, since I didn't get to "publish" this earlier, I can tell you about my healthy dinner...  tortilla pizzas!  In a word, delicious!  I don't like cheese, so mine are really healthy...  two or three tablespoons of pizza sauce (I usually make it from scratch but used Great Value today), some diced onion, sliced red pepper, and garlic seasoning.  I put turkey sausage and cheese on David's and put them in the oven for about 9 minutes (at 375˚).  They get crispy on the edges and taste amazing!  Two of my pizzas have fewer calories then one slice of Papa John's!  

One final note:  If you read this before 9:30 (Eastern Time) tomorrow morning, please pray for me.  I have my second formal observation of the school year.  I've got a neat lesson on animal camouflage planned...  please pray it goes well!  It's nerve-racking to have someone who pays you watching you do your job.  I would really, really appreciate it!  


The Herd said...

That's a great post...what fun cooking ideas!! Wish we could get tortillas here!

Mommy said...

Ooooh! The Sweet Potato sounds Yummy! I'll have to try that!