That's really all there is to say.  So much for that goal with posting once a week.  The good news? I've only got a few more weeks of school, then I'll be able to keep up with my little part of the WWW again.  

This past weekend we had our church had its second youth rally.  What a blessing!  The assistant/youth pastor from Sweet Springs Baptist Church came to do the preaching.  It was excellent.  He encouraged the youth to stay clean, separated from the world.  He also encouraged them to reach the world for Jesus Christ.  He gave statistics about how many people go to hell each day...  staggering!  What are you doing to tell those people about our wonderful Savior? I know we sometimes think, it'll be awkward if I bring up the gospel right now or this person might be offended.  Just think how offended that person would be to end up in hell and find out you knew how it could be avoided and never told them.  

Let's tell others about Jesus!

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Beka said...

Glad to see that your posting again! Hope y'all are doing well. :-)