After work today, I stopped by Moe's to grab a Funkmeister "streaker" (pretty embarrassing to order, but that simply means I want the taco without the shell).  As I was looking out the window at the "Natural Market" (that's simply a more interesting way of saying, "Beware, I'm a health food store!") I took note of a couple things.  1)  Just because you shop in the "healthy" store does not mean you're healthy!  Wow...  some people have missed the portion control memo.  Just because it's good for you doesn't mean you can overindulge! 2)  Eating health foods doesn't negate the effects of smoking.  I found it somewhat humorous to see a guy smoking right outside the door.  

Anyways... all that to say, I've heard the "of course I'm a Christian, I go to church" argument many times while witnessing. I've also heard this rebuttal:  "Going to church makes me a Christian like sitting in a garage makes me a car!"  I'm going to fill that last line in with "like shopping in a health food store makes me healthy."  

As I finish blogging about this, I'm going to get my "Blondies" (check out the recipe here) out of the oven.  They're for my class...  they'd better love me!  

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