Mixed Emotions

Tonight I watched with pride as my third grade kiddos performed in their Spring Concert... after trying to get 41 kids (including another third grade class) to sit still, I was about ready to ship them off to fourth grade.  However, then a teacher's love took over again when I watched their smiling faces on stage.  I watched Emily dance and twirl herself silly in center stage.  I watched Isaac as he enjoyed every moment of the performance.  I watched Sydney come alive and enjoy the attention from her "fans."  And as I'm watching, I'm thinking about how quickly this year has flown by!  I've spent so many hours with those 20 kids!  Laughing at Chip's perfect timing, asking Tommy to sit on his bottom and put all the legs of his chair on the floor.  I could go on and on about each of my students (but for your sakes, I will refrain).  

There's another part of me, though, that is so excited that there are only 4 weeks left until summer.  My biological alarm clock goes off way too early each morning...  I have to keep my cell phone on vibrate...  I have to constantly correct grammar and grade homework.  Those are the things that I'm not going to miss.  But I am going to miss Caroline's questions and Savannah's compliments.  Grant's blush and Kyle's shrug.  I'm sure a teacher goes through all these emotions every year...  but this is my first and it's a new experience!  I'm going to miss my little "team."  I shed the first tears today... I'm sure there'll be many more in the near future!  

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The Herd said...

I can't believe your first year is almost over! You did it! I know what you mean about excitement and missing the kids...Normalna--as we say in Russia--it's normal!