Photo Ramblings: Family, Spring 2009

My grandparents and their three daughters
my grandparents and 8 of their 9 grandkids
All except Clayton with Jamie
Katherine with Emma & Morgan

Easter weekend, my aunt and cousins from Charleston came to visit.  My mom gave me a CD with a bunch of pictures today, and I thought they were great!  It was great to see our out-of-town family.  My grandfather really enjoyed having his whole (minus Clayton) family together. I heard him say once that none of us would have been there had it not been for him :).  

Please pray for my grandfather.  He's very sick with congestive heart failure.  It's very sad to see him unable to walk and breathe easily.  I know that he's saved and on his way to heaven, but I would sure love for him to be around for many years to come!  

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