Crock Pot Recipe Search

Okay, girls (and guys, if it applies), I'm in search of some tried and true crock pot recipes. On Monday, I threw some boneless, country-style ribs in the crock pot with barbeque sauce, a little bit of mustard, and worcestershire sauce. After they were tender, I shredded the meat and served it on homemade yeast rolls. We also had sweet potatoes and green beans (with diced ham, onion, and garlic). It was a delicious, unbelievably easy meal. Here's where you come in: What's your favorite crock pot meal and what sides do you serve with it? Looking forward to hearing (and trying) your suggestions!


Hannah said...

i love to cook my roast potatoes and carrots in the croc pot... cubed steaks with celery soup or mushroom soup served with rice and veggies. Beef 'n' Noodles served with veggies... bbq beef and serve over sandwiches...sounds kind of like your ribs but just use roast beef...perfect for if you have leftover beef. Taco Soup is good too. Let me know if you want any recipes. bbq smokies (troy likes these as a snack..LOL) Take Meatballs and put them in a crocpot with bbq sauce and a little grape jelly and cook til the meat is cooked thru...o yum! I serve this with rice too. Troy's mom has a book of croc pot recipes there alot of good ones that are on my list to try.

Aimée Noelle said...

Hey Lauren!!

We LOVE our crockpots here! Aimée and I have quite a few in all different shapes and sizes!

One of our favorites to make is Southwestern Chicken

Put in the crock pot:

Boneless Chicken breasts (we usually use 8 for us)

Sprinkle 1 package of CHEESY TACO MIX on top of the chicken.

Add a jar of Salsa on top.

Let that cook on low for about 4-5 hours (I sort of don't pay real close attention that to part)

About an hour or so before serving, I sprinkle Mexican blend cheese on top.

When it is time to serve, I put a 'dollop' of sour cream on top of each breast, and a little more salsa.

We really like this... serve it over yellow rice, or white rice... depending on what is on hand in the house!

Robin Tanselle