Belly Shot #2

I haven't gained any weight since my last picture at 14 weeks (this picture is from 16 weeks, 2 days), but I definitely feel like I look pregnant now! I had heard women started showing "overnight" and that's definitely been the case here. I went from a little pooch to looking pregnant (at least I hope so) very quickly.

Don't you love the top? My mom took me maternity clothes shopping on Saturday, and I got this cute shirt at Old Navy. Skirts are not easy to find; I suppose going to be searching online for those. I have found a khaki and a denim skirt, but I don't think two skirts are going to get me through until April.

I have an appointment on Wednesday morning, so, Lord willing, David will get to hear the heartbeat. At that appointment, we will be able to schedule the "big" ultrasound! I'm very excited about finding out what we're having. I've got bedding picked out, but I really can't order anything until I know what we're having.


The Herd said...

Yes, I love the top!!! You are such a cute mommy!!

Jenna said...

You look adorable! Skirts are sooo hard to find--but elastic waist skirts are great for the whole pregnancy, just wear them under your belly! I loved them!

Denise said...

I miss that part of being pregnant. Of just sitting there looking down at the movement going on, knowing the baby's just relaxing in your warmth, hugging the roundness of them while they're inside you. Now the only roundness I have, shouldn't be there. Giggle!! Really though, enjoy it. Towards the end, try and video it by putting the video on your chest angled at your belly when your baby is really active after a glass of orange juice. It'll be fun later when you can show them when they're older how they moved around and how much you cherished and loved them already before they were even born. Okay, now I'm getting a lump in my throat.

Mommy said...

Beautiful Belly Lauren! :) (And cute top too)