Besides the fact that I have a watermelon-shaped object preceding me wherever I go and I can feel a baby girl wriggling inside my “belly,” I really haven’t felt very pregnant for the past six-ish months (have I really forgotten the queasy mornings so quickly??). Regardless, I still don’t understand how there’s one episode, let alone multiple seasons, of the show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant.” Has anyone ever met a girl who carried a baby to term (or close) who didn’t know she was expecting? I think it’s absolutely crazy.

Anyways, today, I think I officially feel pregnant. I’m hoping it doesn’t last long. My back has hurt in random places all day, I’m passing gas like a fraternity guy (or my own brother, take your pick), and all I really feel like doing is taking a nap. To top it all off, I ate dinner no more than 25 minutes ago and I already feel hungry. Now it’s not like I ate a side salad and grapefruit… we’re talking about a full-sized meal here. Chicken casserole, rice, and green beans. Shouldn’t I be stuffed?

Just in case Riley ever reads this (don’t know that this blog will even exist by the time Riley Grace learns to read), I don’t mind going through these “symptoms” at all. I just want to have a record of what is happening in my body. As terrible as I am at keeping up with my blog, I’m actually much better at it than I ever have been with real journaling.

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Denise said...

LOL!! In case you don't have this blog by the time she is of reading age, you should copy these thoughts into a pregnancy/first year journal for her. Not the baby book, but a hard bound journal. They have some really nice looking ones now that look like they are leather bound. I bought one for each of my children and wish I would have copied as I went. Now I'll have to go through my slips of papers and emails about them and my pregnancies and copy them.