It Could be Worse...

According to thebump.com, the worst baby names of 2009 are as follows:
  • Sparrow James Midnight
  • Heavenly Joy... this is taking the biblical name thing to a new level. I have heard worse. Glory of God!
  • Atlas Heche
  • Mars Merkaba... bad for a boy. TERRIBLE for a little girl!
  • Bandit Lee... again, it wouldn't be a good thing for a kid to live up to this name, especially not a little girl.
  • Petal Blossom Rainbow... the Bump summed this one up well... it sounds like one of the "My Little Ponies"
  • Gunner Flowers... at least they "manlied" it up a little bit with Gunner!
Next time someone tells us that Riley Grace isn't an appropriate name for a little girl, I'm going to pull out this list.

Just one last note: Just a little piece of advice from a pregnant woman. When you ask an expectant mother the baby's name, don't give your opinion unless you like it. She probably doesn't care what you think. If she's telling people the name that's been chosen, I doubt she's looking for an alternative.

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Becky Troup said...

love the new look of the blog! I wish my hubby could grow a beard...I like them, but deputies can only have mustaches for some weird reason! LOL