Lessons We Learned

Just a few things that I learned while driving home yesterday.
  1. My husband has traffic-induced psychosis (which he called "psychola"). He goes crazy while stuck in heavy traffic! He was singing, using phony accents, and doing other random things to pass the time. Cute? For a few minutes.
  2. Gas station restrooms are extra-disgusting on heavy travel days. All I have to say is nasty! Being pregnant, they're virtually unavoidable.
  3. Whenever you fall asleep, the cell phone will ring.
  4. While bored, two people can eat ridiculous amounts of delicious junk food, especially when the "junk" is homemade by my mother-in-law.
  5. Vehicles from Illinois and Indiana don't get washed during the winter. We did not see one clean car from either state.
  6. David & I can sing bits and pieces of many, many hymns but we rarely get through an entire piece without mixing up verses or forgetting one entirely. We definitely need to pack a hymnbook from now on.
All in all, we had a great trip. It was good to see David's family, especially the kids. It's amazing how fast they grow. We both appreciate how his sisters make an effort to have their kids know us. We definitely want to do the same when Riley is here!

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