Sweet Comment from a Stranger

So as I've told you before, it's either feast or famine around this blog... right now things seem to be thriving. Two posts in one day used to be nothing, but now it's pretty much unheard of. I think I mentioned to you that the baby is stealing my creative juices. Perhaps today she decided to give them back for a little while.

On Thursday afternoons, a group from our church does a Good News Club at one of the local public schools. Well, today I had the task of picking up the kindergartners (yes, I spell-checked it...) and the first little girl I picked up said, while pointing at the belly, "You have a baby!" It was so cute. She was telling random people as we walked down the hall about my baby. This one lady was standing in the hallway laughing at her so I said something like, "I think everyone can tell." The lady smiled and said, "But you have the cutest figure ever!" Totally the right thing to say to a pregnant woman. With the proverbial hour glass shape long gone, I need to hear things like that from someone other than my husband and mother every now and then (they're just a tad biased).

I think she's my new best friend.

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