Just Another We'll Never Post

Some of you might remember my first post on this topic (probably not, but I can hope, right?). Those conversations that David and I have had for the past few years saying, "Our kids won't do..." or "We'll never do that to our kids..."

Well, another made it to the list last night. While at the Debary Christmas parade, we saw this young chid running around against his mother's wishes. After a couple failed attempts to get the child to obey, she said, "You'd better come here, Santa's watching!" Are you kidding me? As if it isn't bad enough that she's lying to the child (I'm assuming it's hers, but I guess I don't know that for sure) about Santa's existence, she's going to lie to the child about his watching the kid's every move? Come on! When that kid lies about where s/he was as a teenager, she shouldn't be surprised if the comeback is something like, "Well, you told me there was a Santa, so now we're even." (That came from Bro. James).

What gets me is this: Christians lie about Santa to their children! I got a subscription to Parents magazine not too long ago and even that magazine says that parents shouldn't even tell "white lies" to their kids! Eventually, it's always going to come back to "bite them in the butt." Yet how many parents tell their kids about Jolly Old St. Nick?

So, for the "we're never list" it's this: Lie to our kids! Even little white ones (with God's help). Not that we ever planned on it, we just never felt the need to discuss it.

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TJ said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Many parents teach Santa is watching them more than our Lord. Great post!