30 Week Stats

How far along? 30 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain: Do we really have to go there? I think not. I'm still within the limit, but it's getting harder and harder to look at the scale.
Maternity clothes? Except for p.j.'s, yep.
Sleep: Still pretty good. I'm getting up lots to use the bathroom (Riley seems to think of my bladder as her personal trampoline).
Gender: We're hoping she's still a girl. I've had several people say, "I knew a girl once..." and go on to tell me some story about a "girl" turning out to be a "boy," but we're holding onto the fact that the tech and the ARNP were both confident.
Belly Button: is it possible for a belly button to be half in and half out?? Mine really is kind of that way.
What I miss: Normal hugs from David. We have to do this weird side thing because my belly is in the way.
What I am looking forward to: Carrie's baby shower on the 30th.
Weekly Wisdom: It's probably not a good idea to tell expectant mothers your horror stories. If they're anything like I am, they're already working on not worrying themselves about every little thing.
Milestones: We put together the bassinet and the jogging stroller yesterday. Every little thing we do makes it feel that much more real.

Please continue to pray that the remainder of my pregnancy will be good and that our little girl will arrive healthy!

Another note: Haven't posted much lately because we've been so busy! The annual Bible Conference was wonderful, as usual; and we had a great time with David's parents, two of his sisters (we missed Joanna), and their families. Hopefully now, since everything has slowed down, I'll be able to post more pictures and posts in the near future. Our floors look great and, yes, I'm (or should I say, Riley is) getting big!


Becky said...

Just wait til the big day comes and it will feel really real! :-) I'm sure you are not huge like I was....hang in there, she will be here before you know it!

Jenna said...

yes, definitely possible for the belly button to be half in and half out :)