The Way Things Always Go...

I usually have a whole list of new year's resolutions (lose 10 pounds, etc.). This year, I just had a couple... I want to fold laundry as each load comes out of the dryer instead of letting it pile up and not eat french fries in 2010 (I know, I know... David laughed, too). Well, we had a gift card to Applebee's, so we decided to use it last night. I ordered a salad, burger, and baked potato rather than fries. What do you think was piled high on my plate when it came? The most delicious-looking fries ever! Honestly, they're usually soggy and gross, but they were perfect last night. Seeing that it was only "day 1," I figured I couldn't back down, so they brought me my potato and the fries just sat there. I didn't even eat one!

I'm tempted to be proud of myself, but I don't know if I would have had the same will-power in July!

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Becky said...

That's great! you are too funny Lauren! you have WAY more will power than I do! I would have eaten the fries!