Riley Update

Riley Grace from birth to 1 month.

I really can’t believe it! Riley Grace is now one month and 2 days old! I really didn’t think that time passed slowly while I was pregnant, but now that she’s here – I’m reconsidering my position! Compared to how quickly this month has flown by, each of the nine months during my pregnancy seemed like forever. People keep saying, “Time is going to pass so quickly so enjoy every moment!” and I want to tell them to shut their mouths! I want to savor every second, every milestone with my baby.

I’ve always been the type of girl that loves things to go by quickly. High school and college, etc. couldn’t pass quickly enough (though I really did enjoy both, I was simply ready to go to the next step). Now that I’m a mom, I’ve totally changed my tune. I’ll probably say this at every age, but I love this time! I love that Riley will cuddle with us and sleep in our arms. I love that she relies on us for everything… there is no independence. I love that when I make a parenting mistake, she doesn’t know it and still “loves” me unconditionally (that’s because I provide the food).

I really am looking forward to Riley smiling at me and knowing it. I’m looking forward to hearing her giggle. I can’t wait to teach her piano or homeschool her. I know I’ll love each stage, I just want each one to last a while.

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Pastor Mark said...

I know so well what you mean! I can't believe that this month has gone by so quickly. I am trying to savor every moment - with each baby, the newborn stage seems to fly by faster. Enjoy those special (and everyday!) moments!!
Love Rachel