Eight Week Update

Riley turned eight weeks old yesterday. It's still so hard to believe how quickly time flies. Sunday she will be two months old. Next week she has her two month appointment with the pediatrician with shots. I'm sure Riley will do much better with the vaccinations than I will. In one way, I'm glad she has an appointment soon: I'm excited to see how much she weighs and how long she has gotten.

In the past week Riley seems to have become a little less fussy in the evenings. She has been enjoying Daddy time. They sit in "the chair" and read books, hang out at the changing table (it's Riley's favorite spot), and, if she's fussing, "dance" around the living room with David shushing in her ear. I'm so thankful for a husband who thoroughly enjoys his baby and helps out with her when he can.

I'm also thankful that I have a friend who's going through the same things. My friend Carrie had a baby 5 and a half weeks before I did. Landon and Riley aren't old enough to enjoy play-dates as much as we do, but it's nice to get out of the house with someone else who has to stop to nurse, change diapers, and sooth a crying baby.

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