Those First Few Weeks

While at lunch with a good friend today, we got talking about a blog she likes to read. When I got home, I decided to check it out while it was still fresh in my mind (I've definitely decided that "mommy brain" is much worse than "preggo brain."). One of the entries I came across on this blog (im a rad mom.) was called "motherhood is insanity." In this article, this mommy describes the feelings a new mother goes through.

After Riley was born, I went through a whole cycle of emotions (my loving brother described it as "o.d.ing on hormones"). Elation. Fear. Joy. Uncertainty. Did that mean I wasn't 100% happy to have my little girl here? Nope. Did I wonder if my relationship with my husband would ever be the same again? Yes. Did I have a minute of thinking our life was so perfect, did we mess it up? Not exactly, but I did wonder what types of changes were on the horizon. I'm so happy to learn that I'm not alone!

Now we're eight weeks and one day out (but who's counting?). The emotional roller coaster has leveled out, and I'm 100% content with my life as a new mom. I still worry about things like letting her cry for 2 minutes while I finished my oatmeal. I still ask myself questions like, "Is that poop too runny?" All in all, though, I've gained lots of confidence.

So, if you've been through the gamut of emotions every new mom must go through, that means you're normal! If you haven't been through them yet, get ready, it's quite a ride.

But, you end up with the greatest blessing you can ever imagine. A little bundle of joy who relies on you for everything.

Life couldn't be better!

This picture was taken when Riley was just under 2 weeks old...
When she liked to sleep during the day.

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