3 Month Update... Finally

Yes, I know. This update is VERY late. Riley has been 3 months since the 23rd of June... It's about time I updated with the 3 month pictures and stats. She'll be four months old in just 12 days. I honestly can't believe it.

Riley's newest trick is rolling over! She thinks it's great. Mommy and Daddy aren't so sure, though. Until she started this new trick, she was swaddled at night and for naps. Now, she can't be swaddled because she can't lift her head up if she gets to her tummy. To put it lightly, t's been an interesting couple of days.

I just reread Riley's 2 month update. At that time, She was sleeping at least 7 hours straight each night. Not so anymore. Just a few days after the three month mark, Riley has been waking up much more during the night. I've read that it has to do with the mega three month growth spurt. I've also heard that it lasts about a month. If that's the case, we're on the tail end. I must admit, I'm ready for my good sleeping baby back! I love spending time with her, but I can get my fill during the day.

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rebecca said...

your daughter is absolutely precious! :)