Riley Update

So much has happened in Riley's life since I last updated. I could go into all the gory details, but since it's been so long, I'll resort to a list.

In the past few weeks Riley...
  • took her first road trip
  • went to her first wedding
  • went to her first funeral
  • met all her AL family
  • took her first plane trip
  • visited Washington, D.C.
  • was surrounded by teenagers for 5 days
  • got her ears pierced
  • turned 3 months old
  • has gone to war with naps (I love my little girl, but I'm happy to announce that she is losing the battle!)
  • celebrated her first 4th of July
And I know a post isn't good unless it includes pictures of the little lady, so I'll add those later. I have the newest pictures on my other laptop.


Cecelia Perkinson said...

The sweet little thing! Did she cry when she got her ears pierced? I cant wait to see some pictures.

R said...

that look on your face is funny Lauren! you have such a cutie!