67 Years

Holding Hands
My friend, Carrie, and I went to lunch with our babies today (it's so nice to have a friend who's at the same place in her life! Landon is just 5 and a half weeks older than Riley.). We met the cutest couple sitting next to us... I'd seen them at Dustin's before and thought they were adorable (they used to always match). Today, the wife came over to check out the little cuties (lunchtime conversation is interrupted much more often now that we've got them to draw attention). We started talking and found out they've been married 67 years! When the average marriage ends in divorce by year 8, they've obviously got something going for them... If I see them again, I'm planning on asking them their secret.

I'm thankful that my parents and grandparents made it far past the national average. My parents have been married 31 years and my granddad died a few days before my grandparents' fifty-second wedding anniversary. David and I haven't even made it to four years yet, but Lord willing, we'll make it way past that. I'm so thankful for the wonderful husband God's blessed me with. Our little family has only gotten sweeter since Riley Grace joined us.

I doubt we'll live to see our sixty-seventh wedding anniversary (we'd both be 88), but I'm confident that if we keep our focus on the Lord, our marriage will get "sweeter as the years go by."

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