Always Behind the Camera

As some of you may know, I love justmommies.com.  The week I found out I was pregnant, I joined a "Due Date Club" for moms due in April. The April 2010 girls are great...  we'd share weird symptoms, talk about cankles and cravings, and daily life. Now, it's been about a year since we started up and all our babies are here.  We love sharing pictures of them, and not too long ago, someone asked to see pictures of the babies with their mommies.  I went on a picture scavenger hunt and found out that I have about three photos (other than the ones Chloe took for us) of Riley and me. That has to change.  I can't always be the one behind the camera!  

Yesterday, Riley looked so cute and she was very happy (though you can't tell in the pictures below), so I decided to snap a few photos of the two of us... myself.  Out of sixteen shots, these are three that are decent (i.e., in the picture).  The first and last are my favorites.  The one in the middle wouldn't be terrible if I hadn't knocked her headband off. 

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Simply Sarah said...

Very cute pics, Lauren! Thanks for the sweet post you left on my blog. I have looked over your blog and I love how forward you are with your faith. It's great to "meet" another born-again blogger. :) Riley is adorable and I love the background to your bloggy! Have a great weekend!- ImSimplySarah :)

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for stopping by & for such a nice comment! It is nice to find like-minded people, even on the 'net!