Four Generations

Nana. Mom. Me. Riley. 

At Old Navy yesterday, one of the sales associates asked us if we were four generations.  When we told her we were, she went on to tell us we were “blessed” (so refreshing… most would say “lucky”).  I need to make a conscious effort to think that way more often.   

Instead of being happy that Riley has two great grandparents living (both of our maternal grandmothers), I have a tendency to be sad that she’ll never meet the ones who have already gone to be with the Lord.  I’m sad that she’ll never get to hear stories from David’s and my grandfathers.  That she’ll never get asked Jamie’s tough questions (he just wanted you to have an opinion, there wasn’t necessarily a right or a wrong answer).  That she’ll never be able to see how sweet David’s Granddad was firsthand (I didn’t know him well, but I certainly enjoyed being around him the few times I was).  She’ll just get to hear about those things. I’m thankful that we’ll be able to tell her that they trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior. 

Oh, and shopping with your grandmother and great-grandmother has its perks.  Riley got the cutest pajamas EVER (along with several other things)!  The way she sleeps is super cute, but in these, I can barely resist picking her up and cuddling her.  They're so stinkin' adorable!  

Sorry there's no picture of Riley in the pajamas.  I didn't want to wake her up with the flash, and I didn't think about it this morning.  
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