Either Way, It's a Miracle

As I read my Bible on Saturday, I came to Exodus 14.  You know that chapter where the Israelites cross the Red Sea on dry land and the Egyptians drown as they pursue them?  Every time I read that chapter, my mind goes back to the "religion" class I had to take at Stetson.  When asked if he believed this miracle really happened, the so-called Christian professor (who also happened to be a Sunday school teacher at a local baptist church) had an interesting explanation.  The body of water, he explained, was really the Reed Sea.  This sea is only ankle deep. So, no, of course the Israelites didn't really walk on dry land.  I've since heard this "explanation" several times while witnessing to people.  In their attempts to discredit the Bible, people often forget part of the story... that part about the Egyptians drowning?  I can see it now...  the Egyptian captains turn to their soldiers and say, "Everyone get on your knees and hold your faces in the water until you're good and dead."  Yeah right.

I believe the Bible.  When God says dry land, he meant it.  But, even if my professor and those other guys were right, wouldn't that be just as much a miracle?  Mentioning that usually brings the conversation to a screeching halt, but I'd say it has to make them think.
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Bobbi said...

I just came across. I like it! I'm now a follower and look forward to reading more. :) I love finding blogs written by women with such a strong faith and yearning for God and the Bible. And yes, what you said does make you think.

~Bobbi @ www.thejohnsonsjourney.com

Sheri said...

Lauren. Thanks for your post. Your Riley Grace is a adorable as well!. What blessings these little ones are.

Cecelia Perkinson said...

hehe :)