6 Month Update

I can't believe it's time for another month's Riley update.  It's the most monumental one yet: 6 months.  I know I ask this every month; I can't help it.  How is it that our sweet Riley Grace is 6 months old?  Can she really be halfway to one?  David and I were just talking today about all the changes that are going to come between now and her first birthday, March 23 of next year.  Crawling, first words, etc.  I don't think we're ready.  I know we're not ready.  In spite of that fact, unless the Lord returns, it's going to keep on going.  Fast.

Enough of that.  Here are some of our girl's favorites:

*Giggling and smiling
*The page in her 100 words book with babies on it
*Her ladybug toy
*Black plastic spoons from the kitchen
*Pears & bananas

And here's what she's been up to since last month's update:

*Army crawling to Mommy, Daddy, and toys
*Sitting up without toppling over
*Making “Indian” noises when you pat her mouth
*Reaching for complete strangers

As for the 6 month pictures, those are on tomorrow's agenda.  

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JaXboxChick77 said...

Absolutely adorable. I'm soo looking forward to all those moments in a few short weeks that reading your blog almost made me weepy. Babies are the cutest things on the planet!