Quick Update & Photos

I told a friend not too long ago that when Riley takes good naps, I have lots of blog posts.  Thinking about it, that's really not entirely true.  I used to sit by her crib to help her stay asleep through the transitions between sleep cycles... if I didn't, she wouldn't have taken a good nap.  Now that she, thankfully, has been getting through those cycles herself, I haven't had to be in her room and I've been able to get lots of other things done during her naps!  What a blessing that has been.  It has, though, meant many fewer blog posts. 

Since I last posted, we've been quite busy.  We went to Alabama for the holiday weekend and we've had things going on at church with the young people.  

Here are some pictures of what's been going on in our lives lately.

Riley & Chloe
playing on the slide @ Grandmommy's house
meeting Bro. Joel Logan
with Grandmommy & Chloe
playing with her toys on the way home

the Junior Girls with their artwork
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