Fall Look

Fall is my favorite season by far so I thought I would update my blog with a fallish look. We're leaving next Sunday night for a vacation in the mountains of North Carolina.  Last year the leaves were beautiful and the weather was cool.  Hoping that it's the same this year.  

I was 16 weeks pregnant last time.  It will be much better having Riley with us.  

Thought I was really "showing" last year.  I think I was
actually thinner than than I am now!

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My Bright Corner said...

I just found your blog through someone else's. I used to read your blog back when you were first starting to teach. Glad I found you again. :)

Bobbi said...

I love your fall look! Fall is the best time of year. I just wrote a post about Fall, in fact. LOL! :) Nothing like the changing colors of leaves and the cooler weather and holidays.