Not a Clothes Girl

Riey HATES trying on clothes.  As I mentioned in my last update, we're leaving for the mountains Sunday night.  I'm not expecting freezing cold weather, but I'm definitely hoping that it's a little bit cooler than it is here.  If that's the case, She's going to at least need some long sleeved shirts that fit.  Because she's such a peanut, the clothes we anticipated fitting at 7 months aren't going to.  We've been seeing what we can exchange for smaller sizes and trying to fill in some gaps in her wardrobe.  Consequently, we've had to try some stuff on (at home... I'm not brave enough to experience multiple outfit changes in the store) to see what fits and what doesn't.  She HATES it.  If I've got her, she tries to go to David to get away from it.  If David's got her, she tries to see if Mommy will save her.  It's pitiful.  You'd think we were ripping her toenails out (almost said teeth but she doesn't have any of those yet).  I'm sure this will change with age.  Not too many 15 year old girls hate trying on clothes.
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