Bible Conference Time

2010 Bible Conference
BBC Men's Group Singing
"Shout to the Lord
I can't believe it's Bible Conference time again.  It really doesn't seem possible that a year has passed since our great week-long meeting.  This year is a special one.  On January 20th, the last day of the Conference, David and I will have met 10 years ago.  It doesn't seem possible.  I can still remember walking up to his family to introduce myself to the three young people (Sarah, David, and Kimberly).  Little did I know how much that introduction would change my life.  

Since that conference, several couples have met due to it.  Consequently, Bro. James jokingly came up with a slogan:  "Revival and Romance."  I don't know about that.  If you come looking for romance, you're likely to be disappointed.  But, if you come looking for revival, you never know what the Lord will bring about.  I certainly didn't think that I would meet my future husband ten years ago.  I went with an excitement for the preaching and fellowship.  Both were wonderful, as always.  

Now, I look forward to the week with just as much excitement as ever.  Riley won't really understand what's going on this year, but I can't wait until she does.  I hope she loves it just as much as David and I always have.  I hope the preachers, missionaries, and their wives are her heroes.  And,  in about 35 years, I hope she meets a godly husband at church.  

Last year I didn't take many photos (thus the one of the men singing), but this year I need to.  I have so many great pictures from the years...  I need to make sure I keep up with that.  
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Beka said...

About 35 years? Lol!

Hope y'all have a great meeting! :-)

Becky said...

great story! glad you and David got together :-)