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We went to a meeting at another church tonight, and I am just so thankful for the church that I attend...  God has really blessed David and me!  It is not hard to understand why so many people today don't like to go to church... it doesn't make sense, it's boring, it undermines the word of God, etc...  I'm so thankful for a church that uplifts the word of God, gives Jesus Christ the preeminence, is not boring, and is a joy to attend!  I hope and pray that your church is like ours in that Jesus Christ is exalted and proclaimed and that your preacher loves the Bible and does his best to teach you what it says!  

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~Tori~ said...

How true! We just love our church too....it is so much fun to attend and we really enjoy ourselves! I thank God for a such a church....so glad to hear you say the same thing! :-)