Two-Post Tuesday: List

If you know anything about me (or have read other posts), you know that I'm a list person .  So, when our pastor gave us several lists in Bible School last night, you can probably imagine how thrilled I was!  Below is one of the lists.  

Old Testament Shepherds that Picture Jesus Christ our Shepherd
  • David: the good shepherd will not flee (I Samuel 17:34-36)
  • Abel: put to death because of envy (Genesis 4:3-8)
  • Jacob: noted for the particular care of his sheep; he lead his sheep "softly" (Genesis 33:13-14)
  • Moses:  drove away evil shepherds and watered his flock (Exodus 2:16-17)
  • Joseph:  the first thing said about Joseph was that he "fed the flock."  Joseph is a great picture of Jesus Christ, and referenced as a shepherd (Genesis 37:2)
Another interesting note: Zechariah 11:16-17 is a shepherd that pictures the antichrist.  


The Herd said...

I will have to look up the Zechariah scripture. I've started studying Revelations recently...learning and absorbing a lot!

The Herd said...

Did you find an easy way to add your signature automatically or do you have to add the html each time? I can't figure out an easy way:(.

The Herd said...

I found how to do it!!! Go to the settings tab and click formatting tab and all the way at the bottom is a text box where you can do a post template. Copy your html lines there and it's in each of your posts that you create after that.