Drippy Castle, Coming Right Up

Since several people have asked how to make a drippy castle, I figured I would give a quick "how to." There are no special ingredients -- simply beach sand and water. First you need to build a mound of damp sand for a foundation. Then, you just take very wet sand, and dribble it all over the foundation. And walah (sp?), you've got a drippy castle. Sometimes, the sand is too wet and it runs too much. They key is getting sand that's the right "wetness."

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Hannah said...

OH! I miss making drippy castles! I tried making my own sand, but its not the same as the beach. It dries too quickly. The only way to keep it wet enough is to put the hose on a drip and let it wet the sand constantly. Maybe I will get to visit the beach again, soon.