Photo Ramblings, finally!

David Jacquet (not my husband) making a "sand angel" (i.e., getting very sandy)

the beautiful beach in Daytona, FL

Drippy castles are the best! We didn't build this one, but
all FL natives had made their share of drippy castles!

these stools used to be covered in a boring off white fabric.
Cute now, are they not? It was a fun project for David and me!

We had a youth activity (5-12 year olds) on Friday evening.
They had a great time with this parachute.

Here's another view

Having more fun than the kids

check out the body builders at the beach.

I'm subbing in fifth grade tomorrow! Pray for me. I've not subbed in the "older" grade. I'm hoping they're not too 'tudey ('tude = attitude). It's nice to be working this much, though. Saving money is a good thing!


The Herd said...

What great photos! Hey, my girls and I are heading your direction this weekend...my cousin is getting married in Orlando...I'll think of you and your blog as we fly into Florida from Texas! I love the beaches, but only my girls and my parents will visit the beaches...on their way home in the car. I think they plan to stop in Tallahassee(sp?) to see my other cousin and Destin for the beach. I am flying back on Sunday to relieve my hubby so he can go to work and I can take care of my boys.

Tori said...

Nice pictures, love your husband's shirt!

~Tori~ said...

What a beautiful beach! Looks like a lot of fun! I like the body builders! :-)

Dawn said...

Those drippy castles are so cool! I've never seen anything like that. How is it done? Can you use any sand or do you have special stuff down there in Florida?

Arlene said...

Those photos really turned out well... I've never seen or heard of a "drippy" castle before. Just curious, do you know how they're made?

Oh, and I love those chairs you recovered -- did you do them yourself? Our dining table chairs are looking pretty hideous, so I'm hoping to get ours done sometime soon (we bought the table from another family... let's just say there's been plenty of wear and tear between 2 military families and 3 moves in the past 4 years!)

Anyway, you certainly are a faithful poster, lol! I take a break for a few days, and I have all these posts to catch up on and not enough time to comment on them all, either! Oh, well... at least you know I'm reading, right?

Oh, and did you try that lemon bread? Let me know how it turns out for y'all! Just make sure you make it when you know you're having company... I don't want to be blamed for sabotaging your weight loss! :) (speaking of which... how're you doing? :~D See? I asked!)

Now, I think I should win some sort of prize for the longest bloggy comment e-v-e-r!!! LOL

Lauren Christine said...

Love the beach pictures! :) Looks like so much fun... I can't wait to get back to the beach again. Though I do try to avoid it in the "summer" months- too many half naked people! Lol!