34(ish) Week Stats

How far along? 34 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain: about 22 lbs... that's according to my scale at home. They weighed me at the doctor yesterday, but nobody told me what I weighed... guess it's nothing to be concerned with.
Maternity clothes? Of course... I still haven't taken the leap into maternity pj's. At this point, I guess I probably won't. I did have to steal a t-shirt from David's drawer yesterday... his larges are much more comfy than my small t-shirts.
Sleep: Let's not go there... I sleep late because from about 5 to ::coughs in shame:: 10 is the only time I can sleep without getting up every hour to use the bathroom. I told David I'm going to start going to bed around 3 a.m.
Gender: Not including this any longer!
Belly Button: sadly, my belly button has "popped" just as much as my stomach.
What I miss: shopping for and wearing "normal" clothes. At first, maternity clothes seem so cute and fun. After this long, though, I'm not even interested in looking at more. What's the point?
What I am looking forward to: Birthing classes start on Monday... it's not terribly exciting, but it is great to know that it'll be something to do every week for the next four weeks... I think it'll help the time pass more quickly... even though it has been passing VERY quickly lately anyway.
Weekly Wisdom: Nurses at the doctor's office should all be like the one I had yesterday: weigh me without giving me the results, tell me that I'm in the homestretch, and talk about how great it will be to see pictures of our baby up on their wall!
Milestones: I start every week appointments now. Oh, and I also have started washing baby clothes!!! Needless to say, that has been very exciting. David even likes to help me fold baby clothes : )

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